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Farm workers harvest strawberry. British agricultural depends heavily on seasonal EU labour. For instance, a record number of nurses from the EU are already quitting the NHS , it emerged last week. The haemorrhaging of foreign staff is being blamed on Theresa Mays failure to offer assurances to EU workers living in the UK. It is likely to get worse once the prime minister has triggered article 50 expected on Wednesday to kickstart the two-year process for Britain to leave the EU. Official figures reveal that the number of EU-born workers in the UK fell by 50,000 between October and December to 2.3 million, in a decline led by people working in banking, the public sector and construction. A shortage of labour is starting to be felt across the economy, from construction, farming and manufacturing to care homes, hotels and restaurants. While the number of EU nationals leaving is limited at present, many businesses, according to the Bank of England, are having trouble hiring from abroad. Some are renting houses for employees or providing minibuses to ferry people to work, as ways of attracting desperately needed staff. Britain's migrant workforce Amid fears that the trickle of departing European workers will become a flood, the search is on for solutions. One of them is investment in a phenomenon that will dominate all discussion of jobs and pay in the years to come: automation. Thinktank the Resolution Foundation says sectors that are heavily reliant on lower-paid migrant workers, such as agriculture, construction and food manufacturing, could invest more in machinery and robotics to fill the employment gap. This should lead to productivity output per hour worked rising and taking pay up with it, achieving one of Philip Hammonds more elusive goals.

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The.ighest.aximum.emperature.ecorded in the ACT vibrant, multicultural capital city is home to about 390,000 people. There are seven residential districts, each of which is divided into smaller suburbs, and most of which have a town centre which is the focus of commercial and social activities. 121 The districts were settled in the following chronological order: Canberra Central, mostly settled in the promotes local art and artists, there are many smaller private galleries. Canberra,.coated.n.he northern end of the power of the ACT assembly. 146 The Australian Federal Police AFC provides all the constabulary services in the territory in a manner similar to state police forces, under a contractual agreement with the ACT Government. 147 The AFC does so through its community policing arm, ACT Policing Australian Capital Territory Police . 148 People who have been charged with offences are tried either in the ACT Magistrates Court or for more severe offences, the ACT Supreme Court . 149 Prior to its closure in 2009, prisoners were held in remand at the Belconnen Remand Centre in the ACT but usually gaoled in New South Wales. 150 The Alexander Maconochie Centre was officially opened on 11 September 2008 by then Chief Minister Jon Stan hope . A 3 ft 6 in 1,067 mm gauge construction railway was built in 1923 between the Yarralumla brickworks and the provisional Parliament House; it was later extended to Civic, but the whole line was closed in May 1927. 291 Train services to Melbourne are provided by way of a NSF TrainLink bus service which connects with a rail service between Sydney and Melbourne in Tass, about a one-hour drive from Canberra. 289 292 Plans to establish a high-speed rail service between Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, 293 have not been implemented, as the various proposals have been deemed economically enviable. 294 295 The original plans for Canberra included proposals for railed transport within the city, 296 however none eventuated. 296 The phase 2 reports of the most recent proposal, the High Speed Rail Study, was published by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport on 11 April 2013. 297 A generally poor quality of the soils. The National Press Club of Australia in Barton has regular television broadcasts of its lunches at which a prominent guest, typically a politician or other public figure, delivers a speech followed by a question-and-answer session. 237 Bay Territory as an annexe to the Australian Capital Territory. Rural and popular arts of Australia: la.pic-an23389536. Image courtesy of the Museum of Australian Territory also contains agricultural land sheep, dairy cattle, vineyards and small amounts of crops and a large area of national park Namadgi National Park, much of it mountainous and forested. The territory has high retention of students to the end of and 12 and are referred to as colleges. The.decision for the Yass-Canberra option was made in 1908 by the Commonwealth Parliament and four decades of disputes over the shape and design of Lake Burnley Griffin the centrepiece of Griffin's design—and construction was completed in 1964 after four years of work. 74 The completion of the lake finally laid the platform for the development of Griffin's Parliamentary Triangle . 75 Since the initial construction of the lake, various buildings of national importance have been constructed on its shores. 76 Canberra Civic viewed from Mount Ainslie with Lake Burnley Griffin and Mount Strom lo in the background.

Jessica May "We don't want anyone to feel like a charity case." Instead, Enabled charges companies, typically a one-off fee equivalent to 10% of a person's annual salary. By contrast, people who use Enabled to find work don't have to pay it anything. Image copyright Enabled Employment Image caption The late Australian comedian Stella Young (centre) was an Enabled Employment ambassador "There's 4.2 million people in Australia with a disability. Many of these people are very competent, it is really about trying to break down their barriers to work," says Jessica. "We charge businesses for our services because you should be paying for amazingly qualified people, and you should also be paying for the diversity that it brings." Enabled is valued at more than six million Australian dollars ($4.6m; 3.9m), and has expanded its services to include military veterans and indigenous Australians. Suzanne Colbert, the founder of the Australian Network on Disability, says that Enabled has "freshened up" the Australian job market's otherwise "stale" attitude towards hiring people with disabilities. She adds that Enabled has allowed employers to "tap into new sources of talent". When it comes to its own staff, Enabled practises what it preaches. Four of its seven full-time employees have a disability and work within a schedule that accommodates them best.

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